Gita Gisela

Gita Gisela

July 28, 2022

Hackathon 5.0: Helping Family with Financial App based on Mutual Assistance

Idea construction tends to be the lifeblood of a company. It keeps the company vibrant and valuable, along with the sustainable competitive advantage that eventually reached. However, the best ideas sometimes do not pop up from an individual – they are the outcome of collaboration.

Brick believes that a team based hackathon can generate wonderful ideas. Aimed to push boundaries on what’s possible, hackathons could be the way to celebrate unique ideas. 

Align with the mission above, Brick collaborates with Binus Computer Club to organise TechnoScape Hackathon 5.0. Lasting for about 36 hours, the competition was aimed to facilitate Tech Enthusiast in resolving digital issues by delivering application solutions that integrate with Brick API.

Three winners were announced at the end of the event. One of them, team RajaMexico, made a financial application based on mutual assistance that could be used for family members. How does this work, how many hours did it take until the application is done, and how do they use Brick API on the application?

Let’s deep dive more into our QnA with Christian Raditya a student of University of Indonesia and a representative of Raja Mexico group that participates in Hackathon 5.0!

What product did your team build on Hackathon 5.0?

We developed a financial product based on mutual cooperation. We see this kind of application is already developed in Finku and others, but it’s mostly an individual personal finance management. We see young families often still lacking financial literacy. Hence, we created this application so family members could record it and be more transparent to one another. 

For example, a father creates a pre-payment card for PDAM, a mother would create PLN pre-payment, and so on. By that means, family members are obligated to manage their own prepaid cards without any overlap issues. And if later one of the balances lacked here, we can ask for other family balances to cover up the lack.

How long did it take to build the application?

We took approximately 1 day to finalise the business concept. We brainstormed and accommodated the ideas, which is a lot and quite challenging. Although it was not easy for us to conceptualise and find the idea as the originality is not balanced to the business perspectives, we finally could narrow them down and find the best one which is balanced to the two aspects. On the second day, we thereby execute the idea and build the application as I planned with the team before.

How did you ensure that your product has 100% of originality?

We check the originality of a product based on benchmarking. For example, we saw a prepaid card system has been developed in eCommerce, and financial transaction categorization is already developed in Finku. We specify all of those and try to search for validation of what program hasn’t been developed by them.

Turns out, the family mutual cooperation concept is not yet developed by any tech business. So we thought it would be great to combine a system like eCommerce and Finku with a family concept. By that means, we actually improved their solution, so it still seems different and fresh. 

Did you find any obstacles while building the product?

Yes, we certainly find obstacles in this case. We honestly need more time to adapt to idea conceptualization and build the application. It even got more challenging when we used an external API and were required to read the documentation, while we only had 2 days to finish. Hence, I think time is the biggest challenge during Hackathon 5.0. as our application has a lot of features.

How did you integrate your app with Brick product API?

We first use financial accounts API for the integration, then we record and categorise the expense based on their account. As Brick already provided each category, we then utilise them and total how much their expenses. Through that, we could create a bar chart which shows the biggest monthly expense of family members based on the category. 

Brick is a financial infrastructure layer that provides fintech developers with the API keys they need to create easy and accessible experiences for their users. By delivering access to the financial system, we aim to empower innovators to build amazing products solving big problems thereby democratising financial services in Southeast Asia.
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