October 28, 2022

Support Financial Inclusion, Brick and DSInnovate Collaborate to Launch First Open Finance in Indonesia

Brick, an Open Data and Payment Platform, has collaborated with DSInnovate, innovation consultant and research firm, to launch the first open finance white paper in Indonesia titled “Open Finance Report 2022”. This report was undertaken in order to educate and spread awareness to the market about Open Finance concept and solutions to accelerate its adoption in Indonesia’s fintech ecosystem. 

Executed since July to October 2022, the report involves quantitative and qualitative research to both end-users, enablers, fintech players, and regulators in Indonesia. More than 10 financial industries and 100 respondents across Indonesia have participated in the research.

Brick and DSInnovate also came up with interviewees from various industry players. As the outcome, there are a number of interesting findings from the study results that are summarized in the report, one of the examples is from Insurtech Platform Industry. The report showed that on such industry side, there are indeed challenges in obtaining more complete data for risk profiling to help insurance companies adjust premium prices. Meanwhile for P2P Lending Industry, the presence of more data makes it possible to produce better and personalized products. 

With those new gathered insights from the report, Brick will continue to expand its capabilities to support financial inclusion in Indonesia. Click here to download and read the research further: Open Finance Report 2022.

Brick is a financial infrastructure layer that provides fintech developers with the API keys they need to create easy and accessible experiences for their users. By delivering access to the financial system, we aim to empower innovators to build amazing products solving big problems thereby democratising financial services in Southeast Asia.
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