Rizqi Isnurhadi

Rizqi Isnurhadi

June 23, 2022

Investment Data API: Measuring End-User's Investment Behavior

Ever since the pandemic, the number of retail investors in Indonesia increased significantly. According to Senior Deputy Governor of Indonesia Central Bank, Destry Damayanti, retail investing in Indonesia grew 125% from 2.5 million in 2019 to 5.8 million as of August 2021, which makes individual investors dominate 99,5% of all stock exchange investment.

According to KSEI, 69,95% of the investment came from Java, while Sumatera and Kalimantan contributed 16.47% and 5.36% respectively.

With such a large number of retail investors, it has become an important data point for Fintech companies to consider. That's why Brick is now building a connection to top investment platforms to enable companies to capture and aggregate end-user investment behaviour.

What information can companies retrieve using Brick Investment Data API:

  1. Account information including profile (username, single investment identity) and their account balance
  2. User's current portfolio including the stocks or mutual funds that they currently hold
  3. User's transaction history including what and when they bought or sell

How Companies can use Investment Data:

- Personal finance management app can enrich the amount of information connected in their app with investment data

- Asset management platform can help their users to aggregate all information in one single view

How does it work:

  • End users authenticate and connect their investment account to client's app
  • Client's app request data via Brick's API
  • Brick's API response with the requested data
  • Data is served in the client's app
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