July 1, 2021

The Very First Employment Data API in Indonesia is Here!

How does the Employment Data API work?

After the end-user inputs their employment account User ID and password using the Brick Widget, the income API endpoint can then be used to retrieve these following information:

Employment Information

With users’ consent, the API will retrieve a list of users’ employment information.

The endpoint will retrieve the latest salary, payment date, working month, and employment status for each of the listed workplace. This enables your system to verify the employment information of your client.

Income Verification - 1.2.png

General Information

With users’ consent, the API will retrieve general information from the institution database.

The endpoint will retrieve national ID number, institution card number, date of birth, phone number, address, gender, and total balance for a more seamless KYC process.

Income Verification - 2.3.png

Salary Information

With users’ consent, the API will retrieve users’ salary information from a specific workplace, enabling faster income stream verification.

Income Verification - 3.3.png

For fintechs looking to streamline your KYC process, this API is the solution for you! Understand your users better with Employment Data API. Get in touch with us and be the first to bring the next level of financial services for your users.

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