December 10, 2021

Create Virtual Accounts, Fast!

Collecting payments is a huge pain point for many businesses. It involves the process of informing the customers of how they can make the payments as well as verifying each payment that has been made.

At Brick, we are committed to help businesses improve their business process. We have helped businesses send money through our disbursement product. To complement said product, we are now launching our payment collection product too.

With Brick, you can now create Virtual Accounts where your end-customers can pay to. Virtual accounts are temporary accounts that are used to transact on behalf of a real physical account. Since each virtual account is unique, receiving funds into a specific virtual account makes it easier and faster for businesses to identify who made each transaction.

By creating a dedicated Virtual Account for each customer business can remove the necessity to ask for payment proof and verifying each one of them. The virtual account will automatically detect if the payment has been made so that businesses can process their orders immediately.

Brick provide two types of virtual account:

- Open Virtual Account, where customers can input the amount of payment

- Closed Virtual Accounts, which is linked to certain amount to be paid

Brick Virtual Account product serves various use cases:

-Help lending companies to manage and collect repayments from borrower

-Help eCommerce companies to process order faster by removing manual verification

-And many more ++

Explore our documentation and API library to learn more about this product or sign up to our dashboard to test our sandbox environment immediately. 

Brick is a financial infrastructure layer that provides fintech developers with the API keys they need to create easy and accessible experiences for their users. By delivering access to the financial system, we aim to empower innovators to build amazing products and solve big problems and democratising financial services in Southeast Asia.
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