Brick is Named a Winner of the Inclusive Fintech 50 Competition

Gita Gisela
October 24, 2022

Brick is Named a Winner of the Inclusive Fintech 50 CompetitionBrick, a B2B Payment and Open Finance Data Aggregator Platform, has been recognized as one of the start-up winners of the 2022 Inclusive Fintech 50 (IF50) competition. Alongside 257 eligible applicants with headquarters in 79 countries, Brick made it to the top 50 fintechs that leverage data and digital infrastructure to make products more inclusive for financial companies and impactful for customers in underserved communities. Since its establishment in 2020, Brick has helped financial services companies across Indonesia by building the underlying data infrastructure and providing B2B multiple payment channels through reliable partners. Brick can serve users better through financial service personalization and real-time payment, encouraging financial inclusion and literacy to be fully reached in Indonesia, which has led to this recognition with IF50.. This recognition is an important milestone that shows Brick's commitment to supporting financial inclusion by building payment and open data platforms for growth businesses. Gavin Tan, Co-founder and CEO of Brick, emphasized the importance of this validation for Brick. “We are honored to have been selected among the top 50 fintechs in the Inclusive Fintech 50 competition. We have recognized that financial inclusion is the major aspect that we need to support in accelerating Indonesia’s economic growth. Brick is here to build the solution that could bridge such goals and support financial institutions to reach unserved and underserved communities,” stated Gavin. Gavin also added that Brick’s allegiance will not stop here. The CEO ensures that the company will continue to keep up inclusion goals by establishing the best B2B payments solution for enterprises and small and midsize businesses in 2022 and beyond. About IF50 Inclusive Fintech 50 identifies promising early-stage fintechs driving financial inclusion around the globe through a competitive process led by an independent panel of judges from venture capital, technology, and financial services. Applicants are assessed on the degree to which their target market includes underserved people or businesses, and whether their innovation offers a new value proposition, shows early-stage traction, and can have a noticeable impact on the more than 3 billion financially underserved people globally. Inclusive Fintech 50 is sponsored by Visa, MetLife Foundation, and Jersey Overseas Aid & Comic Relief, with support from Accion and IFC. The initiative is managed by the Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI). Learn more at ***

Olivia Rhye
11 Jan 2022
5 min read