Accept Money from Anywhere, Anytime

Accept money via Virtual Account from top 10 banks in Indonesia. Top up up to IDR 100 million in real-time
Brick Pay Bulk Dashboard

10 Bank Options to do Top Up

Choose virtual account from various bank to fulfill your top up needs
Brick Dashboard

Instant Confirmation

When your payment is confirmed, the top-up amount will be reflected in the dashboard
Brick Dashboard

Top Up Brick Flex's Post-paid Disbursement

Top up post-paid disbursement to complete payment instantly, without having to worry about cash flow health
Brick Dashboard

Virtual Account API For A More Personalized Needs

Accept money from your customers for various need with close or open Virtual Account
Brick Dashboard

Keunggulan Brick

Top up up to IDR 100 million

Daily limit set for bulk disbursement needs

Multiple Bank Choice

Choose from top Indonesian bank to fulfill your top up needs

Completed with Brick Flex Post-paid Top Up

Top up now, pay us later. Complete paymens with Brick Flex instant top up

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