Bulk Payment Capabilities, Better Than a Bank

Complete 20,000 transactions to 140+ different institutions with one click using Brick Pay. No need to input transfer details one by one.
Brick Pay Bulk Dashboard

Easy ways to input transfer details based on unique payment needs.

From that classic single transfer, and unique business challenges of paying multiple bills at once to save time, to recurring salary disbursement to your people.

Complete payments faster. More time to get back doing what you love.
Brick Dashboard

A good friend that helps you to avoid mistakes

We help you detect potential errors before you hit that send transfer button. All the account numbers are pre-verified to ensure it's matched with bank and account owner name.

Bye-bye errors, welcome peace of mind.
Brick Dashboard

Pay later with Brick Flex to manage your cashflow

Settle your invoice payments now, grow happier relationship with your suppliers. Use Brick Flex as source of fund directly in your Brick Pay transactions.

Repay us flexibly, choose your own time.
Brick Dashboard

Move money inside your own platform with Brick Flow API

World-class tools for your developer. omprehensive API documentation, ready-to-use SDKs, and developer portal.

Invisible, yet soothing to the ear. Brick Flow API harmonize the hustle bustle of your money movement.
Brick Dashboard

Tier Based Pricing

Package designed to support business needs according to the number of transactions per month
Transaction numbers
0 - 5,000
IDR 2,200
5,001 - 20,000
IDR 1,900
20,001 - 50,000
IDR 1,600
50,001 - 100,000
IDR 1,300
from 100.000
IDR 1,000
Package includes
Access to all features from bulk disbursement via Excel file, single payment, and payroll
API integration for customization
Access to post-paid disbursement via BrickFlex
Dedicated integration support, special for Scale-up and Enterprise package
Special price negotiation, for Enterprise package

Brick Excellence

Cheapest transaction fees

Brick Pay automatically find the most convenient route for you, letting you get the cheapest price on the market. Starting from IDR 1,000 per transaction

Remove the needs to transfer one by one

You only need to upload and Excel file inside the dashboard. Funds will be received by all recipients in one click

Error-free with smart routing

As a payment aggregator, Brick is equipped with a smart routing system. If one connection fails, Brick will ensure you will be connected to other working ones

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Optimize your finance operation efficiently, now. Manage finances better and grow your business easier with Brick.