Account Data

Instantly Access Verified Account Data

Retrieve verified user's financial account data and balance details.

financial account data api
Access User's Account Balance and Routing Number

Allows you to get verified account information of user's connected accounts.

Account type
Account number

An Example on How You Can Use Account Data

Personal Finance
Increase user’s financial health through financial data aggregation and spending analytics information to deliver targeted financial advice.
Instantly authenticate user’s bank accounts for error-free disbursements with in-app account verification.

How It Works

Once you receive the user access token from Brick’s plug-and-play widget, the account endpoint allows developers to retrieve data associated with user's financial account.

Request Code
curl --include \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--header "Authorization: Bearer user_access_token" \

Optimize Business Process

Benefit of using Account Data

payment processor
Comprehensive Data
payment processor
Instantly Authenticate Accounts
payment processor
Enable Seamless Transfers

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Allows you to identify and provide insights on user's financial behaviour
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