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Retrieve different types of personalized data across different platform

Get a complete picture of end-users profile by retrieving financial and alternative data with user consent, and build innovative and inclusive products your user will love to use.

Deep dive into your customer data insights easily

Allows you to identify and provide insights on user's behaviour.

Transaction Data
Employment Data
Investment Data
Data Sources

Data points you can leverage

Here you'll get to know different types of products Brick provides you thereby helping you build personalized fintech product.

Transaction Data
Account Data
Financial Statement Digitalization
Income and Employment Data
Cardholder Transaction Score
Investment Data
Transaction Data

Transactions API helps you get account transactions with all necessary metadata. On top of transactions, it also provides a rich and intelligent categorization of transactions across various financial services.

Get a list of transaction, including:

1.  Collect date
2.  Amount
3.  Currency
4.  Balance
5.  Type
6.  Description
7.  Status

Categorize User’s Transaction Easily

Brick’s categorization algorithm allows you to categorize data based on transactions detail.

Category name
Classification group

Get a Complete Picture of Your Users Behavior

Build a bespoke products your users will love with data

brick financial api
Seamless Account Connection
Rich & Real-Time Data
Straight From The Source

Example on How You Can Use Brick Data API

Optimize disburse loan and repayments process for both lender and borrower using Brick API.
Personal Finance
Get categorized user’s financial data to provide an insightful and comprehensive financial advice.

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Brick provides B2B payments and data aggregation platform to help companies build bulk payment capabilities and personalized products tailored to business needs. We aim to empower innovators to build amazing products to improve financial inclusion in Southeast Asia. Brick is the official merchant aggregator of PT Ionpay Network.
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