Not a Bank, But Better

Brick provides multiple payment channels through our partners to enable business to accept money, manage cashflow, and disburse funds.

Realtime 24x7 Disbursements

Brick routes your funds through the fastest and cheapest rails. Whenever a rail is down, we auto retry your request via a different route to make sure that your money is delivered on-time. What's more? Selected customers, get a pay-later option!

Destination Account
Automate Payment Collection Processes

No more manual tasks to verify which payment is made for which users. Our automated notifications system helps you focus on doing things that matters!

Collect Payment from Locally Preferred Channels

Find out some of the benefit your end user can get when you integrate Brick Products

Virtual Account
Retail Outlet (Soon)
Warung Pay (Soon)
E-wallet & QRIS (Soon)
Virtual Account

Payments from various banks can be recognized and accepted automatically and easily with just one virtual account, without having to create accounts in various banks.


Send Funds

Once you received user access token, Brick API will allow you to make fund disbursement to the designated bank accounts

Request Code
curl --include \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--header "Authorization: Basic base64("clientId:clientSecret")" \
Bulk Disbursement by Upload CSV

Process thousands of transactions at once by uploading a CSV file in your Brick dashboard.

No single line of code needed. You don’t need to be an excel master to get started. Simply navigate to your Brick dashboard and click on Manual Disbursement.

Optimize Business Process

Benefit of using Payment API

Error Free Payment
Disburse Now, Pay Later
Large Coverage

Integrate Brick to Your Product Now

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Brick is a financial infrastructure layer that provides fintech developers with the API keys they need to create easy and accessible experiences for their users. By delivering access to the financial system, we aim to empower innovators to build amazing products solving big problems thereby democratising financial services in Southeast Asia.
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