Payments Collection
Multiple channels to receive money instantly

Brick’s multiple payment channels enables business to retrieve payment without the hassle of manual verification.

Collect payment at ease without worries

Brick’s payment collection lets you receive money instantly through multiple channels at ease. No more wasting time with manual payment verification!

and more
An Example on How You Can Use Payment Channels
Optimize disburse loan and repayments process for both lender and borrower using Brick API.
Manage error free bulk disbursements to coporates, SME, or individual for large settlement.
Optimize Business Process

Benefit for using Payment API

Remove Manual Verification
Reduce Order Cancellation
Multiple Ways to Collect Payments
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Brick is a financial infrastructure layer that provides fintech developers with the API keys they need to create easy and accessible experiences for their users. By delivering access to the financial system, we aim to empower innovators to build amazing products and solve big problems and democratising financial services in Southeast Asia.
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