Transaction Categorization
Get User's Categorized Financial Transactions Data

Identify financial transactions without the need to build the categorization algorithm from scratch.

Identify User’s Transaction Easily

Brick’s categorization algorithm allows you to categorize data based on transactions detail.

Category ID
Category name
Classification group
An Example on How You Can Use Transaction Categorization
Personal Finance
Get categorized user’s financial data to provide an insightful and comprehensive financial advice.
Business Finance
Improve your SME/Corporate user’s experience by easily categorized business transactions for your users.
How It Works

The endpoint will use Brick's algorithm to categorize transaction from user's financial account.

Request Code
curl --include \
--request POST \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--header "Authorization: Bearer sandbox-bede7af5-6584-4e36-9da5-a0ce6c556a6e" \
--data-binary "{
\"transaction_description_text\": \"KARTU DEBIT 01/04 CHATIME TAZZALAND 53794131231252\"
} " \
Optimize Business Process

Benefit of using Transaction Categorization

Faster Process
Instant Summarization
Aggregate Multiple Resource
Related Products
Account Data
Allows you to get verified account information of user's connected accounts.
Transaction and Balance Summary
Categorizes financial transactions for your users without the need to build the algorithm from scratch.
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