Transaction Data

Access User’s Real-time Transaction History

Obtain up to 12 months' worth of rich and intelligent transaction categorization on your user's financial account.

Comprehensive Transaction Data

Allows you to identify and provide insights on user's financial behaviour.

Collect date
Expense disbursement date
Total current balance
Personalized categorization

An Example on How You Can Use Transaction Data

Personal Finance
Improve user’s financial health through financial data aggregation and spending analytics information, and deliver targeted financial advice.
Seamless data collection for better credit decisions using this API.

How It Works

Once you receive the user access token from Brick’s plug-and-play widget, the account endpoint allows developers to retrieve data associated with user's financial account.

Request Code
curl --include \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--header "Authorization: Bearer sandbox-bede7af5-6584-4e36-9da5-a0ce6c556a6e" \

Optimize Business Process

Benefit of using Transaction Data

Rich Data
On-demand Data Refreshes
Continuous Transaction Updates

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