Business Finances

Simplify Bookkeeping with Automatic Data Input

Fasten your finance ops by recording expenses automatically

The Problem
The Solution

How Brick’s API Works

Connecting Brick’s API to Consolidate and Categorize Financial Data from Multiple Sources.

User Select Account to Connect

End user selects accounts to connect to authenticate connections in-app. Brick supports integration with all the widely-used financial and non-financial institutions.

Financial account
Employment Data
Easy and Secure Integration

With seamless Multi-factor authentication your system will instantly receive a User Access Token authorising the retrieval of customer financial records.

Get Financial Data & Build Your Own Product

Your system request and receives user’s financial data in real-time, enabling user to integrate directly with your service.

Provide a bookkeeping, invoicing, or other business finance services that is easy to use by your Corporate or SME user.

Explore Other Use Case

Verify lender’s identity before loan approvals. Optimize lending process using Brick API.
Get verified income data to build curated investment products for your users, tailor made for their financial life.

Integrate Brick to Your Product Now

Brick provides B2B payments and data aggregation platform to help companies build bulk payment capabilities and personalized products tailored to business needs. We aim to empower innovators to build amazing products to improve financial inclusion in Southeast Asia. Brick is the official merchant aggregator of PT Ionpay Network.
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