Bulk Payment Capabilities, Better Than a Bank

Complete 20,000 transactions to 140 different institutions in one go with Brick Pay. No need to create direct bank connections one-by-one
Pembayaran Bata Dasbor Massal
Difficult Payments Processing

Recurring bulk payments are time-consuming for businesses

The merrier the number of receiver, and with the transaction limit per day from the bank, the more work hour wasted that could be used for more impactful actions

BrickPay Dashboard for Bulk Payments

Brick Pay comes in the form of easy-to-use dashboard. You only need to upload Excel file and your transactions are completed
Brick Dashboard

BrickPay Excellence

Cheapest transaction fees

Brick Pay automatically find the most convenient route for you, letting you get the cheapest price on the market. Starting from IDR 1,000 per transaction

Remove the needs to transfer one by one

You only need to upload and Excel file inside the dashboard. Funds will be received by all recipients in one click

Error-free with smart routing

As a payment aggregator, Brick is equipped with a smart routing system. If one connection fails, Brick will ensure you will be connected to other working ones

Coba Geratis Sekarang

Optimalkan operasi keuangan Anda dengan efisien. Kelola keuangan lebih baik dan kembangkan bisnis Anda dengan lebih mudah bersama Brick.