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Why Brick: Hear from Our Clients.

Vincent Kho - Head of Product Development

“The expertise, friendliness, and quick responsiveness of the Brick team, coupled with the comprehensive and clear Brick API documentation, greatly facilitate the development of disbursement features.”

Arman Jurais

Product Manager Lead Klikoo

"Brick's API is user-friendly and well-documented, which makes the integration process a breeze. Furthermore, Brick provides a user-friendly dashboard that simplifies transaction checks. The separation of transaction fees also helps our team in breaking down costs quickly and accurately.”

Dannis Joseph

Sr. VP of Growth & Alliance Credinex

"It has been great working with Brick Team, we highly appreciate Brick's support team and Product flexibility to adapt to client's needs and request and we look forward on deploying more innovative financial solutions in partnership with Brick”

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