The Most Advanced Payment Orchestration Capabilities in Your Hands

Simplify your business payments immediately. Process thousands of transactions to any destination with Brick. Payments will no longer feels painful
Pembayaran Bata Dasbor Massal

The Most Advanced Payment Orchestration Capabilities in Your Hands

Build powerful financial technology that you can imagine with easy-to-integrate API
Brick Pay Bulk Dashboard
Difficult Payments Processing

Best Partner for Startups and Advance Tech Companies

Brick is suitable for you who are:
Looking for a technology partner to build and improve customizable financial services
Tidak perlu repot ke bank buat kirim uang. Cukup upload Excel file, kirim dana beres dalam sekejap.
Looking for partner with affordable integration fees
Limit bukan lagi jadi alasan, saatnya kirim uang lebih cepat ke banyak tujuan di waktu yang sama.
Need a fast and hassle-free integration process
Cegah salah transfer lebih awal dengan verifikasi nomor rekening tujuan. Pembayaran bebas kesalahan, kirim uang bikin tenang pikiran.

Why Brick?

Proven use cases by top startup and tech companies

BrickFlow has been used by various companies to build the latest technological advancement

Choose only what you need

Use the APIs you need based on your next product development. Pay as you use

Reliable technical assistance and documentation

Brick team is ready to help your integration

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Optimize your financial operations efficiently. Manage your finances better and grow your business more easily with Brick.