Examples of Using Brick BI-FAST in Business

Financial Services

BI-FAST caters to the needs of financial service providers by offering a seamless and cost-effective solution for real-time money transfers. Enhance your financial services with the efficiency and speed of BI-FAST.
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Insurance Companies

For insurance companies, BI-FAST facilitates quick and secure fund disbursement, ensuring a smooth claims process. Improve the efficiency of your financial operations and provide timely services to your clients.
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Manufacturing Businesses

Manufacturing businesses can optimize their financial processes with BI-FAST. Ensure timely payments and disbursements to suppliers and partners, contributing to the overall efficiency of your manufacturing operations.
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Benefits of Using Brick BI-FAST

Real-time Transactions

The BI-Fast platform ensures real-time execution of money transactions, delivering unparalleled speed and efficiency in money transfers. This prompt processing facilitates swift responses to business needs and contributes to optimal financial management.

Cost Optimization

BI-Fast service presents a cost-effective solution for money sending transactions. With BI-Fast, businesses can optimize operational costs and allocate to other more pressing needs efficiently.

Transaction Security Guarantee

BI-FAST includes advanced security measures to protect financial transactions. With secure encryption and authentication protocols, you as a business owner can trust that money sending transactions are protected.

Product Excellence

High Reliability

The level of Reliability is the main differentiator of the BI-Fast product presented by Brick. Brick boldly guarantees that money sending transactions through BI-FAST have a high level of reliability.

Affordable Service Price

Brick offers an affordable price of Rp599 per transaction. With this cost-effective service, you as a Business Owner can enjoy the ease and speed of transactions without incurring high fees.

User Friendly Dashboard and Smart Error Detection System

You can make bulk transfers more easily with Brick's user-friendly dashboard and also prevent mistakes using smart detection and correction features in the Brick system.

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