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Receive Payments Comfortably Without Any Worries

Receiving payments through the Brick Virtual Account API allows you to get money faster through various recipient bank account options and you can add the required information data, such as:
Bank Account Number
Account Holder Name
Money Receiver Bank Code
Reference ID

Available Virtual Accounts

Create a virtual account as your business payment method according to your needs without any limitations!
Virtual Account
Open Amount
Virtual Account
Closed Amount

Examples of Using Brick Virtual Account API

Business Payment Method

Collect payments for orders, invoices, and other needs from your business users or consumers.

Collecting Investment and Trading Funds

Accumulate funds in the form of official currency to be placed on investment and trading platforms, so they can be used for purchasing investment assets.

Customer Loan Payment Channel

Collect payment bills from loans made by your customers.

Bank Options

Brick provides the flexibility to create multiple virtual accounts according to your business needs. Payments are directly verified and enter the virtual account you have created in real-time.

How Brick Virtual Account API Works

After you receive the user access token, the Brick API will allow you to create the virtual bank account needed for the business payment method to your users or consumers.

Request Code

  "status": 200,
  "message": "OK",
  "data": {
    "id": "OP_d8ed71ed64d64b2fa220ab5d86f2fe35",
    "type": "virtual_bank_account",
    "attributes": {
      "referenceId": "test_VA1",
      "instructions": {
        "bankShortCode": "BRI",
        "accountNo": "130432138889902",
        "displayName": "IKN-Open VA 1"

Benefits of Using Brick Virtual Account API

Operational Efficiency

You don't need to create multiple bank accounts just to receive money from the customer's choice of payment method.

Payment Receipt Flexibility

Provides flexibility in receiving payments from customers with various payment method preferences.

Easy Integration Process

Brick Virtual Account API is designed for easy integration into various systems and applications, allowing developers to save time and effort.

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