Our Solution

Unified Access to Daily Operational Business Needs

Handling multiple business units or transactions for multiple clients simultaneously can be cumbersome for business owners. Brick Sub-Accounts offer an innovative solution to streamline various operational needs, including.

How to Create

brick-pay login

Log in to your BrickPay account

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brick-pay click setting

Click on the "Settings" menu

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brick-pay add sub account

Select "Sub Account" and click on "Add Sub-Account"

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brick-pay find info

Fill in the information about the business account you want to create

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brick-pay done add

Your Sub-Account has been successfully created!

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effc trans

Efficient Transaction Handling

Sub-accounts simplify tracking and managing transactions for different departments or projects.
centralize paymnt

Centralized Payment Management

All outgoing payments are consolidated within the financial dashboard, streamlining processing and reducing the risk of errors.
scale and flex

Scalability and Flexibility

Easily create new sub-accounts to adapt to growth or changes in organizational structure.
simplefied report anly

Simplified Reporting Analysis

Neatly organized transactions facilitate customized reporting and deeper analysis of performance metrics, helping identify areas for improvement and optimization within daily operations.

Benefits of Using Brick’s Sub- Account

seamles sub account

Seamless Sub-Account Setup

ZerOTP API from Brick provides cost advantages compared to the conventional OTP process. You can save and optimize the security budget with maximum efficiency.
sub-acc management

Unlimited Sub-Account Creation

Enjoy the freedom to generate as many sub-accounts as needed to organize your finances effectively, without any limitations.
unl acc creation

Simplified Sub-Account Management

Streamline sub-account management with intuitive tools and features, such as editing information or deleting unused sub-accounts.

Maximize Your Business Potential with Brick's Innovative Solutions!