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One API System for All Banks Connections

Through Brick's Direct Debit, you only need to do one API integration to connect to all banks. This process obviously saves time and improves productivity for developers, providing a smoother and more reliable integration experience.

Examples of Direct Debit Use in Business


For e-commerce businesses, Direct Debit offers a payment solution that facilitates transactions for customers and helps reduce the risk of payment failure and increases consumer trust.
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Tech Transportation Company

Technology-based transportation companies can utilize Direct Debit to automate subscription service payments, providing convenience to customers and increasing operational efficiency.
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Subscription Services

Subscription businesses from various industries, such as digital content, fitness, or entertainment media, can rely on Direct Debit to manage recurring payments easily and efficiently.
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Benefits of Using Brick Direct Debit

Speed and Efficiency

Automatic payment through Direct Debit ensures payment transactions are quick and efficient without delays.

User Convenience

Provides convenience for customers with payments using Static QRIS, which can be done easily and without complicated steps.

Flexibility in Payment Settings

Payment settings can be adjusted according to user needs, providing greater flexibility.

Product Excellence

One API Integration for All Banks

Brick provides an efficient integration experience by seamlessly connecting to several banks in Indonesia through one API. This efficient solution eliminates the need for a lengthy process to integrate banks one by one.

Easy API Integration

Brick simplifies the system integration process quickly to ensure a smooth connection between Brick services and the technology infrastructure used by clients. With easy integration, clients can quickly utilize services for required business transactions.

Time Efficiency

Brick shortens the integration process by providing one API to connect to all banks, so businesses can integrate Direct Debit services more quickly and efficiently.

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