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Learn More In-depth about Your Business User Income Data

Helping you to directly understand the financial behavior from the end-user income data without extra effort.
Institution & account ID
Daily balance
Credit & debit transactions
Total income & expenses
Top income
Top expenses

Example of Using Brick Income Data API

user financial management

User Financial Management

Efficiently present user income summary information without additional effort, making smarter business decisions easier.
business loan

Business Loan

Understand income, expenses, and user balance instantly for a better credit risk profile with Brick's Income Data API.

How Brick Income Data API Works

Once you get the user access token from the Brick widget, the Transaction Endpoint will allow developers to receive authorized customer income data for a specific 'user_access_token'.

Request Code

{   "status": 200,
    "message": "OK",
    "data": [
    "companyName": "PT Brick Teknologi Indonesia",
    "monthName": "01-07-2020",
    "salary": “9500000”,
  	"bpjsCardNumber": "15036686069",
  	"type": "bpjs-tk",
  	"institutionId": 14
    "companyName": "PT Brick Teknologi Indonesia",
    "monthName": "01-06-2020",
    "salary": “9500000”,
  	"bpjsCardNumber": "15036686070",
  	"type": "bpjs-tk",
  	"institutionId": 14
    "companyName": "PT Brick Teknologi Indonesia",
    "monthName": "01-05-2020",
    "salary": “9500000”,
  	"bpjsCardNumber": "15036686071",
  	"type": "bpjs-tk",
  	"institutionId": 14

Benefits of Using Brick Transaction Data API

Faster Process

Brick API allows you to speed up the service process, without needing to clean raw data on your end.

Instant Data Summary

Through Brick API, you will get an instant summary of user income data, without needing to waste more time.

Comprehensive Data Source

Brick is connected with leading financial data sources. Provide the completeness of information your business needs.

Integrate Brick for Your Business Now

Design your business products and services by taking advantage of personalization through Brick API! Present a unique experience, according to customer needs and optimizing operational efficiency for long-term success.