speed and efficient ID Ver
Our Solution

Speed and Efficiency in Identity Verification

Brick ZerOTP API presents a fast and efficient solution by carrying out the API integration process to verify the user's phone number without presenting fraud risk.

Example of Using Brick ZerOTP

user onboarding process

User On Boarding Process

Maximize the user registration process in your application with Brick ZerOTP for an efficient and seamless phone number verification process.
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kyc process in business loan funds

Business Loan

By utilizing Brick ZerOTP API, you can increase the efficiency of the entire lending process, including the stage of verifying phone numbers to ensure high security and trust in every financial transaction
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Best Verification Process Solution

Through Brick ZerOTP API, you can easily integrate the user's phone number verification system without having to worry about potential leakage or misuse of information. This solution not only provides additional security but also maintains the reliability of the verification process, ensuring that the verified phone number is genuine.

Higher Security

Avoid the risk of OTP theft

Reliable Checking

Not dependent on third parties to send OTP

Smooth Experience

Users don’t need to switch to using other applications

Benefits of Using Brick ZerOTP

operational cost efficient

Operational Cost Efficiency

ZerOTP API from Brick provides cost advantages compared to the conventional OTP process. You can save and optimize the security budget with maximum efficiency.
increase security

Increase Security

Increase the security layer by implementing strict checking measures, providing optimal protection against potential risks of user identity theft.
comfort exp

Deliver Comfortable Experience

Providing a smooth and efficient user onboarding experience, integrating quick verification steps, making the process smoother and user-friendly.

Integrate Brick for Your Business Now

Design your business products and services by utilizing the advantages of phone number verification through Brick ZerOTP! Deliver a secure experience, tailored to customer needs and optimize operational efficiency for long-term success.