Receive Money from Anywhere and Anytime
Practical business solution to receive money/payments from customers through virtual accounts.
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Successful Experience with Brick Clients

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Switch to an easier and smarter process

Old Way
Limited to conventional bank transfers.
It took a lot of phone calls.
The process is complicated and time-consuming.
Manual data verification.
Long verification process.
New Way
Receive money via Virtual Account from 10 banks.
Create a Virtual Account in minutes.
Confirm the top up amount easily.
Automatic detection of data errors.
Instant confirmation and fast remittance.
With Brick, you can avoid the constraints and drawbacks associated with traditional methods of sending and receiving money. It provides users with great convenience, speed and efficiency in carrying out financial transactions.
Create payment invoices and distribute them to customers easily
Step 1

Make Payment Link

In just a few clicks via the Brick dashboard, equipped with a free payment reminder feature.
Step 2

Fill in the information about where the bill will be sent

Enter your contact details for this trial. your personal information in You can also later.
Step 3

Receive Payment

Get notifications of incoming money directly.
Complete and Efficient Money Receipt Solution with BrickPay
Easy Money Receipt
Affordable Transfer Fee
Fast Money Receipt
24/7 Availability with No Time Limit
Transaction Security
Real-time Transaction Tracking
Support for Multiple Banks
Ease of Business Management
Simple Remittance Process
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Show Professionalism in Your Business Transactions
Create a Virtual Account in Minutes
Elevate your professional image by customizing your virtual account name with our service for memorable transactions with partners.
Simplify the Payment Process
Payment Link
Boost efficiency in business with our Payment Link feature. Quickly copy and share payment links with partners or customers for seamless transactions.
Simplify the Payment Process
Manage Payments Easily
BrickPay gives you a choice of 10 leading banks in Indonesia to fulfill your top-up needs!
Supporting Features
BrickPay not only provides convenience in sending and receiving money, but also offers additional features that give users greater flexibility, speed and support.
With BrickPay, you can optimize financial processes and deliver a better user experience.
Personalized Virtual Account
Flexibility with Virtual Account API to receive money from customers for various purposes.
Manage Payments Easily
Ability to create Payment Links and manage payments quickly and efficiently.
Limit Up to IDR100 Million
Flexibility in topping up to IDR100 million for bulk shipments.
Access Meeting with Sales Team
Access to speak directly to the BrickPay sales team for more information.
Create your Payment Link via API
With these steps, BrickPay allows you to manage remittances more efficiently and easily. You can control your transactions, optimize business cash flow and take advantage of the various additional features provided.

Generate Your Payment Link

via API or Dashboard with free Reminders

Select Tier

Choose the level of BrickPay service that suits your business needs.

Virtual Account Configuration

Configure the Virtual Account by filling in the required information.

Top Up Balance

Top up the BrickPay balance according to the required amount.

Send Money

Select the "Send Money" option and enter the recipient's information and the amount to be sent.

Transaction Confirmation

Confirm the transaction and wait for the payment to be processed successfully.

Instant Confirmation

Get instant confirmation that your payment has been successful.

Manage Payments

Use additional BrickPay features such as Payment Link creation if needed.

Monitor Transactions

Monitor and manage your transaction history directly through the BrickPay dashboard.

Open Business Opportunities

Utilize BrickPay to support your business growth smoothly.

Brick Payment Automation Solutions for Various Business Needs

salary payment

Salary Distribution

Easily automate salary payments to employees through various banks, saving time and ensuring accuracy.
supplier payment

Supplier Payment

Simplify payments to various suppliers, reducing manual effort and errors.
loan disbursement

Loan Disbursement

Efficient disbursement of loans to borrowers through various banks, ensuring quick transfer of funds.
dsb claim

Disbursement of Insurance Claims

Facilitate the disbursement of insurance claims, ensuring timely and accurate payments.
pembayaran freelancer

Gig Economy Worker Pay

Trouble-free payments to freelancers and gig economy workers on varying schedules.
dividen payment

Dividend Payment

Simplify dividend payments to shareholders, reducing administrative work.
id woman on event

Scholarship and Grant Disbursement

Easy distribution of scholarship and grant funds to students and researchers.
onboarding employee

Employee Expense Reimbursement

Simplify reimbursement of employee expenses, ensuring timely payment.
salary payment

Commission Payment

Automation of commission payments to sales agents or partners, ensuring accuracy.

Government Subsidies and Social Assistance Payments

Efficient distribution of subsidies and social assistance funds.
smilling muslim

Utility Bill Payment

Simplifies paying utility bills in bulk, reducing errors and saving time.
volunteer concept

Marketing Incentives and Gifts

Quickly distribute marketing incentives and rewards to stakeholders.
shopping - tab

Payment on E-commerce Platforms

Efficiently channel payments to sellers on e-commerce platforms for secure transfers.

Payment of Event or Contest Prizes

Simplify prize disbursement for events or contests, ensuring accuracy.
child parent hand

Donation and Funding for Non-Profit Organizations

Facilitate the transparent distribution of donations and fundraising results.
Brick Advantages
Top up to Rp100 million: BrickPay gives you the flexibility to top up to Rp100 million to complete various business transactions.

Wide Choice of Banks: Choose from 10 top banks in Indonesia for a top up that suits you.
Comes with BrickFlex Postpaid Top Up: Top up now, pay later with BrickFlex to ensure the smooth running of your business.