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Prevent Fraudulent Actions through User Identity Verification

Through Brick ID Verification API, we carry out the authentication process of your business user identity by detailing and comparing recorded data from trusted data sources. By involving carefully stored data, we ensure that the authentication process takes place accurately and provides optimal protection against potential security threats.
ID Number
First Name
Last Name
Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Phone Number
Bank Account Number
Bank Account Holder

Example of Brick ID Verification API Usage

User Onboarding Process

Maximize the user registration process on your application by utilizing Identity API and data aggregation from Brick. This is aimed at providing a seamless experience, ensuring that users can easily and efficiently start using the services offered by your application.
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KYC Process in Business Loans

Using the Brick API helps you improve the whole loan process, especially the KYC (Know Your Customer) process for new customers. This careful method makes sure transactions are safe and builds trust, providing a dependable and professional solution for your business.
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How Brick ID Verification API Works

After you get the end point, the end point will provide access to developers to retrieve data related to a certain 'requestId', with reference to the relevant server.

Request Code

  "status": 200,
  "data": {
    "message": "We are successfully able to verify the account",
    "accountNo": "4124668005",
    "accountName": "M.HIBBAN IRSYAD",
    "bankShortCode": "PERMATA"
  "metaData": {
    "source": "API",
    "entity": "Payment"
  "error": null

Benefits of Using Brick ID Verification API

Prevent Fraudulent Actions

Through advanced security technology, Brick ensures that the identity verification process is carried out carefully. Thus, you can protect your business from potential security risks or fraudulent actions.

Fast and Efficient Verification Process

By using an advanced API system, the identity verification process can be carried out quickly and efficiently, saving time for both the business and the user. This also supports a better user experience.

Optimize User Acquisition Process

Through Brick Verification API, you can carry out the acquisition and on-boarding process of new users more easily and quickly— allowing for smooth integration with your system, facilitating identity verification, and automatic user data validation

Use Brick for Your Business Now!

Design your business products and services by taking advantage of the user identity verification process through Brick API! Not only present security, but also provide a convenient experience for your business users!