validating business user
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Validating Business User Identities Accurately

Brick carefully checks user identity, validates user authenticity through a constantly trained liveness detection system to ensure accuracy, speed, and facilitate the KYC process for your business needs.
Face verification with national database (Selfie Check)
Validate that the photo is an original selfie (Clarity Test)

Examples of Brick Liveness API Usage

user onboarding process

User Onboarding Process

Maximize the user registration process in your app with the Brick Identity API and data aggregation for an efficient and seamless experience.
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kyc process in business loan funds

KYC Process in Business Loan Funds

By utilizing the Brick API, you can increase the efficiency of the entire KYC process for lending needs, including the identity verification stage to ensure high security and trust in every financial transaction.
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How Brick Liveness API Works

After you get the end point, that end point will give developers access to take data related to a certain 'requestId', with reference to the server concerned.

Request Code

  "errors": null,
  "data": {
    "pass_id": "2022Brick011-TESS",
    "tier": "Silver User",
    "telcos": {
      "phone_active": true,
      "phone_nik_verification": true
    "identity": {
      "name_verified": 100,
      "ktp_verified": true,
      "birth_date_verified": true,
      "birth_place_verified": 100

Benefits of Using Brick Liveness API

real time inspection

Real-Time Inspection

Ensuring accuracy and instant response with direct and quick checks.
increase security

Increase Security

Enhance security layers by implementing strict inspection measures, providing optimal protection against potential risks of user identity fraud.
comfort exp

Provide a Comfortable Experience

Offering a smooth and efficient user onboarding experience, integrating quick verification steps, making the process smoother and user-friendly.

Integrate Brick for Your Business Now!

Design your business products and services by leveraging the advantages of personalization through the Brick API! Present a unique experience, tailored to customer needs while optimizing operational efficiency for long-term success.