Introducing 4 new Brick products and 35 features to make business payments easier

Over the past 6 months, we've been hard at work building an easier way to access reliable payments for businesses in Indonesia.

Taking learnings from our proven open payments and finance infrastructure — now businesses of diverse industries and sizes — can easily enjoy faster, cheaper and error-free transaction processing.

Welcome to the next chapter in our financial inclusion and innovation mission, where we level the playing field in the payments industry so that every business has an equal opportunity to grow and thrive.

Take a look at the features, and what's coming next

Reliable money transfer to handles large business transactions

Transfer money to tens of thousands of recipients in one click, smarter than bulk payments provided by banks. Features a smart transaction input process that helps you detect errors.

Send to multiple recipients
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Bulk transfer input with Excel file

Upload transaction data with .XLS and .XLSX format files. No need to convert to CSV.

Bulk transfer input with CSV file

Use CSV format either generated from Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet.

Recurring payroll input via payroll

Organize employee payroll database information and disburse salaries directly in one platform.

Payment API integration

Simplify and harmonize complex money movement flows within your platform with API Brick.

Pre-verify the account holder's name

Match the number with the account holder's name, making transactions more certain.

Transaction input's error detection

Know which transaction input lines are problematic, no more looking for a needle in a haystack.

Informative error description

Understand the cause of your transaction entry problem, goodbye "sorry, please try again".

Invalid account number detection

Know if the intended account number cannot be found. Correct the bank number or name.

Error detection of inappropriate transfer amount

Know if the amount you want to transfer exceeds the minimum lower limit or maximum upper limit.

Duplicate reference ID error detection

Simplify reconciliation and accounting processes later by ensuring that each transaction's reference ID is unique.

Fix errors instantly and intelligently

No more going back and forth to fix files, just finish all the revisions at once.

Transaction period without cut-off pause

With the orchestration of various payment rails behind Brick, it allows you to transact at any time.

Transfer to 140+ banks and e-wallets

No need to switch menus to transfer money to banks and e-wallets, upload information in one Excel file.

High limit up to IDR 500 million per transfer

This is much higher than the average interbank mobile banking limit of Rp 15 million to Rp 50 million.

Classic single transfer

Only need to send money to one recipient? Of course you can, with a high limit per transfer and always available.

Track and receive payments like having an extra set of hands at the ready

Verify receipt of payments from various clients automatically. Receive faster, reconcile more accurately, business grows faster.

Collect payments faster
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Virtual account name can be customized

Look more professional in transactions with your business partners.

Various depository bank options

Provide bank preference options for payments desired by clients and customers.

Open virtual account

The ideal option is to provide a dedicated virtual account for each business partner.

Closed virtual account

The right option to receive payment in the right amount for a particular payment.

Share pay instruction to Whatsapp

Help customers complete payments faster with complete instructions

Payment API to manage money movement within the platform

Bring harmony to the hustle and bustle of complex money flows. Faster development process with our world-class development tools.

From extensive documentation, ready-to-use SDKs, and access portals for developers.

Build product integration
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Payment API

Organize the flow of outgoing money.

Virtual account API

Set up account creation and incoming money detection.

Transaction history API

Check the list of transactions that have taken place

Supporting features that improve quality of life

Turn stressful financial processes into streamlined.

Approval flow

Always stay in control

Multi access

Turn financial matters into a team game.

Testing mode

Get a feel for it before you need to move funds.

Shaping the future of business payments

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