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Feature Update: Brick's Transfer Proof

We just updated our Transfer Proof feature to monitor and integrate transfers seamlessly, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

Introducing the Latest Feature: Brick Convenient Payment Acceptance

Through the Payment Acceptance feature offered by Brick, you will find it easy to receive and track payments from your business customers directly anytime and anywhere.

🎁 Brick Referral Program 🎁

Grab the chance to win cash prizes just by sharing your referral code!

Transfer Money Faster with Brick BI-FAST

To help optimize business growth, Brick launches money transfer services through BI-Fast! Starting from IDR 599, you can make more affordable money transfers processed in real-time.

Accept Business Payments with QRIS Dynamic

QRIS Dynamic is a superior payment solution that offers ease and helps business owners accelerate operational activities and maintain cash flow stability. By adopting QRIS Dynamic, you can ensure smooth and dynamic ongoing business operations.