complete their HRIS offering by adding seamless salary disbursement with Brick

Profile is a leading payroll solution provider in Indonesia that focuses on HRIS optimization and constantly develops payroll application features according to client needs.

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Many clients use manual payroll systems that are complex and error-prone. Errors are difficult to detect, making validation and correction very time-consuming.

Solution, Indonesia's leading payroll solution provider, partnered with Brick to develop their application using Brick's API system which enables automatic error detection and a significant increase in payroll speed.


The partnership with Brick positively impacted Salary.ID's sales by increasing awareness of their reliable payroll efficiency services. Their reputation grew significantly in the market.


accurate payroll processing


saved in transaction costs's Journey is a leading payroll solution provider in Indonesia that is committed to helping HR professionals optimize the use of HRIS with features tailored to company needs. Gaji.ID provides an online payroll application specifically designed to provide convenience for users in calculating salaries in Indonesia.

The application utilizes Brick technology and an API system to integrate users' payroll applications. This allows for easy and efficient payroll processing through just one platform. Gaji.ID focuses on HRIS adoption and is constantly developing their payroll application to better suit client needs.

Manual Processes Lead to Errors and Delays

The team's in-house payroll app was initially used to help with their own company's internal payroll processes. But with a focus on HRIS and payroll solutions, they wanted to improve the app to better serve clients.

Previously, many of's clients still used complex and error-prone manual payroll systems. Manual processes often make errors difficult to detect. Payroll processing becomes very time-consuming, as it is necessary to validate data one by one which requires extra effort to correct inaccuracies.

Manual processes also have the potential for costly inter-bank transfer errors and mismatches when using CSV files. Clients have to perform manual validation which is often time-consuming and labor-intensive.

API Partnership for Efficiency

To overcome this challenge, decided to partner with Brick. They developed the application using Brick's API system so that it could be integrated with the client's payroll application.

According to, Brick's solutions best fit their needs and client demands compared to other providers. Brick's competitive pricing is also an important factor. Other advantages include the 5Ps match: product, price, people, access, and promotion.

With the integrated Brick API, the Gaji.ID application is now able to automatically detect errors. The accuracy rate has increased significantly, making the payroll process much faster than before. API Brick also reduces interbank transfer fees.

Increased Awareness and Competitive Advantage

Thanks to the partnership with Brick, is now enjoying increased sales and awareness of their reliable payroll efficiency services. Clients are interested in trying the app because of Brick's seamless payment integration.'s reputation is growing rapidly in the market as a leading payroll solution provider that simplifies payroll processes and reduces human error. With Brick's support, now has a competitive advantage in the Indonesian HRIS industry.

Overall, the partnership has been very beneficial for's growth. Brick helps them overcome challenges with innovative solutions that meet client needs. is now better equipped to compete and continue to provide the best payroll services in Indonesia.

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