Klikoo's Quest to Become Indonesia's Leading PPOB Marketplace with Brick


Klikoo is the first PPOB marketplace app in Indonesia and is part of PVG (Pintar Ventura Group). The app was created specifically to make it easier for PPOB agents to choose a provider with a variety of options, including price, speed, and transaction success.

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The previous Klikoo app often experienced bottlenecks in the transaction process, causing difficulties for users. This led to frustration for agents towards using Klikoo. Therefore, Klikoo sought a solution to improve system reliability and agent transaction success.


Klikoo collaborated with Brick to develop the application to be more reliable and focus on optimizing agent transactions. The integration of Brick's advanced technology enables transactions without time constraints, improves stability, and addresses traffic spikes.


Klikoo is now expected to become more popular with Indonesian PPOB agents and become the number one trusted PPOB marketplace thanks to Brick's support.

Klikoo's Journey

Klikoo is the first PPOB (Payment Point Online Banking) marketplace application in Indonesia, and a part of PVG (Pintar Ventura Group). This application is specifically designed to make it easier for PPOB agents to choose from a variety of options, including pricing, speed, and transaction success. Through its latest features offering a range of providers, agents have full flexibility to customize services according to their personal preferences. Klikoo introduces an innovative marketplace concept, providing tangible benefits to PPOB agents and raising the standard of payment services in Indonesia to new heights.

Constraints and User Complaints in Agent Transactions

Previously, Klikoo was designed for use by agents in payment services. Unfortunately, this application frequently encountered challenges and user complaints, particularly concerning delayed or failed agent transactions due to rigid time constraints. Agents were unable to conduct transactions outside of working hours, often resulting in missed opportunities to serve customers, especially for crucial payments such as electricity and water bills. This led to user experience issues for both agents and customers.

Brick Provides Advanced Solution for Reliable and Smooth Agent Transactions

To solve these issues, Klikoo collaborated with Brick to develop a more reliable version 2 of the application, focusing on optimizing agent transactions. Klikoo integrated advanced API and technology from Brick to ensure seamless transactions for agents, without any time restrictions. Agents could now perform transactions at any time, day or night, and this integration bolstered the stability of the Klikoo system, enabling it to handle spikes in user traffic. Thanks to Brick's full support, agent transactions became significantly faster and more successful.

The number one trusted PPOB

Despite not being fully launched, the latest version of Klikoo, implementing Brick, has already demonstrated significant enhancements in transactions and agent satisfaction. The increased speed and success of transactions have boosted agents' confidence in using Klikoo. These positive outcomes validate Brick's effective assistance in overcoming prior challenges. Klikoo is now poised to become the preferred choice for Indonesian PPOB agents, solidifying its position as the number one trusted PPOB marketplace, all thanks to Brick's support.

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