Complete Business Transactions to 20,000 Destination in One Click

Pay salary and invoices by just uploading an Excel file. Keep your cash flow safe, transfer now and pay later with Brick Flex. Error-free transactions, keeping your vendors happy and your mind at ease
Brick Pay Bulk Dashboard

Reliable Business Payments Infrastructure

transaction completed everyday
API call processed everyday
transaction success rate

Faster Than a Bank Bulk Payment

Eliminate manual process of depositing funds to bank. Process via Brick now by uploading Excel file only on the easy-to-use dashboard.

Cheapest Fund Route

No need to worry about the downtime. Brick Pay auto retries your transaction through another best route to make sure it is delivered.

Easy-to-use Payment Dashboard

Familiar to operate, comprehensive for every needs.
Input transaction list using Excel template
No need to hassle going to the bank to send funds. Just upload the excel file, and sending funds can be done instantly.
Send 20,000 transactions at once to 140 different institutions
Limit is not an exception anymore, let's send the funds to many destinations at the same time.
Directly verify the first prospect account
Avoid mistaken transfer by validating your account destination first. Error-free payment, send funds make mind at peace.

Brick Flex limit keep your cashflow health

Complete business transactions without having to deposit first with post-paid disbursement

Flexible tempo and transparent fee

Use when you need it only. Use it, top up to pay it off, and the limit will soon auto-refill. With no hidden fees.
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Integrated for bulk payment

Prevent failed-transfer due to the lack of balance. Brick Flex can be used directly to ensure your funds delivered on time.
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Reliable payment orchestration infrastructure

Build the advanced money in and money out system with Brick

API for money in and money out

Add deposit balance easily via Virtual Account. Send money to multiple account and e-wallet using account profile checking automatically.
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All-in-one documentation for developer

Find all the integration needs in one documentation. Problem solved, developer will be now hassle-free.
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Get to understand your users financial behavior

Allows you to identify and provide insights on user's financial behaviour through different types of personalized data
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Validate who your users properly

Verify user’s data through the KTP and account number, full name input, and selfie photo.
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Why Brick is the ideal solution for various business payments needs

Reliable delivery

Complemented with auto-retry mechanism guaranteed, disbursal is now can be done within seconds only

Error Free Payment

Verifies account number before making payments to eliminate error in the process

No hidden fees

Don't worry about the bill-shock. Brick will calculate every fees upfront

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Optimize your finance operation efficiently, now. Manage finances better and grow your business easier with Brick.